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Rancho Cielos Azules
Blue Heaven

Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico on the Costa Maya

The Villa at Cielos Azules

Cielos Azules offers 4 bedrooms and 3 baths plus a queen size futon sofa and two large hammocks for sleeping. There are plenty of towels and linens.
The kitchen has a full size propane gas powered refrigerator, stove and oven. There is a French press coffee maker (that works best with a slightly coarse grind). a good quality juicer (for citrus) and plenty of glasses, plates, dishes, flatware, pots, pans, knives, etc. You will find a base for dispensing 5- gallon jugs of water. There is even hot water. And there's a blender for mixing up a batch of your frozen drink of choice!

The kitchen is stocked with some cooking basics like oil, salt, pepper and sugar but if you are going to need any special seasonings, bring them with you.
Electricity is provided by a solar powered 12-volt battery charging system run through a 1500-watt inverter to create the same 110 a/c that is standard in the U.S. Except for trying to conserve energy as much as possible, there is a good chance you will never notice a difference between this and your home system. There is adequate power to run the lights (which you will notice all have the very efficient mini fluorescent bulbs), stereo and television set. Any appliance that generates heat requires a large amount of energy. These include hair dryers, clothes irons, electric coffeepots and toasters. You won't find these items at the house and we suggest that you not bring them to Xcalak unless you are willing to trade the use of the lights for them. In addition, use of such appliances can cause damage to our electrical system. There are ceiling fans but fortunately, the ocean breezes usually keep the entire house comfortable without their use. If you're mindful not to leave lights or an appliance on when not in use, you should have all the power that you need.



We think you'll find Cielos Azules very comfortable, with many amenities you would not expect to find in this off-the-beaten- track location. You'll have the best of both worlds in this remote area: pristine beauty, rustic charm, and yet modern comforts of home.
In addition to the privacy, the things that first attracted us to this property were the beach and the water. From morning till night, the view outside our front door is just amazing. Our beach is a perfect spot to sit in the sun or shade and read a book or watch the birds fish or simply contemplate life. And the night sky reveals more stars than you dreamed possible. Along with fishing, there is good snorkeling and diving right out the front door. In fact, you can snorkel for conch or lobster within 100 yards of the shore.


$ 150.00 per day
$ 200.00 per day Weekends
$1,000.00 per week



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